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About Us

Our Founder -
Zakiya Mills, MBA, B.Sc, WTS
Author | Entrepreneur | International Public Speaker


​Zakiya Mills is a multi-talented soul-driven entrepreneur, recognized as being insightful and ahead of the curve. She is the powerhouse behind several successful brands and approaches life with a sense of purpose, hope, optimism and future-mindedness. In addition to managing her ten registered companies that are part of the ZM Group of Companies, she spends most of her business time coaching and consulting entrepreneurs, so that they too can build their own successful and sustainable businesses.


Prior to launching full time in her business in 2012, Zakiya spent over a decade in the public, manufacturing and energy sectors in various leadership roles. She’s also seasoned in marketing, branding, PR, corporate communications, protocol, crisis communications and events management.

After four years of hard work and preparation, Zakiya launched her hair, face, bath and body line in March 2019 called Caribbean Beauty by Zakiya Mills. This initiative is no ordinary one for Zakiya, as it will be the pillar behind fulfilling her lifelong dream of building an orphan home for boys and girls in need. When you purchase products from Caribbean Beauty by Zakiya Mills, you will be contributing to this dream being a reality, as all proceeds from sales will go towards building and maintaining the home.

In spite of being successful in business, Zakiya understands that her mission is to be an inspiration to those who have been through a life of adversity and allow them to peel away the layers of guilt, shame, hurt and pain, to uncover their true self and move on their journey to living a life of purpose, prosperity and success. She says, this is the fuel that keeps her fire burning bright.

She invites you to partner with her by making Caribbean Beauty by Zakiya Mills your preferred choice of hair, face, bath and body products, and make a difference in the lives of those children who will be housed at our home.


For more about Zakiya and her purpose-driven initiatives, visit

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